Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

  • Alexander Nazin (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) has been an invited researcher in the mistis team to work with Stéphane Girard and Anatoli Ioudistki (Université Grenoble 1).

  • El Hadji Deme (Université Gaston Berger, Sénégal) has been hosted by the mistis team for two months. His stay has been partially funded by the Ibni Oumar Mahamat Saleh price.

  • Jennifer Sloboda (Master, from May 2013 until Aug 2013)

    • Subject: Physiologically-inspired Bayesian analysis of BOLD and ASL fMRI data

    • Institution: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (United States)

  • Aina Frau-Pascual (Master, from May 2013 until Aug 2013)

    • Subject: Hemodynamically informed parcellation of cerebral fMRI data

    • Institution: University Paris Sud

  • Pham Van Trung ( Master, from Apr 2013 until Sep 2013)

    • Subject: Implémentation et paquetage d'un modèle statistique des valeurs extrêmes.

    • Institution: Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • Seydou-Nourou Sylla (PhD, from October 2013 to December 2013)

    • Subject: Classification for medical data

    • Institution: Université Gaston Berger (Sénégal)