Section: Dissemination


  Vincent Calvez is responsible for regular actions towards high school students (regular talks in high schools).

  Paul Vigneaux:

Paul Vigneaux has a significant activity in the official dissemination website of CNRS: “Images des Mathematiques”. He is a member of its Editorial Board since the beginning in 2009, in particular responsible of the “Billets” section (60% of the total reading flux of the website). Nonetheless, he also edited most of the applied mathematics articles of the site and made several articles contributions. Among others a translated/commented article on Richard Courant and his Institute, as well as a series, with the authorization of the EMS, of 20 articles on “Success Stories of Mathematics in Industry” in 2012-2013. Cf: http://images.math.cnrs.fr/Vigneaux-Paul.html In 2013, he was one of the editors of the series of 40 books published by the association of Le Monde (top national newspaper), Institut Henri Poincaré (Head: Cedric Villani) and Images des mathematiques. This series was supported by Cedric Villani and aims at broadcasting mathematics to a general public. Vincent Calvez was also one of the editors of the series. Currently still under publication, it is already an editorial success in terms of selling (20 book issued).