Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Régis Duvigneau [correspondant] , Nora Aïssiouene, Babett Lekouta.

The Opale project-team has initiated a few years ago the development of NUM3SIS (http://num3sis.inria.fr ), which is is a modular platform devoted to scientific computing and numerical simulation. It is not restricted to a particular application field, but is designed to host complex multidisciplinary simulations. Main application fields are currently Computational Fluid Dynamics (by Opale project-team), Computational Electro-Magnetics (by Nachos project-team) and pedestrian traffic simulation (by Opale project-team). Some components of the platform are also used by the Tosca project-team for CO2 market simulation and wind simulation in collaboration with Ciric (Inria-Chile).

NUM3SIS provides innovative software tools to overcome some limitations encountered by classical monolithic simulation codes. In particular, the platform is based on abstract concepts commonly used in scientific computing, such as mesh, fields, finite-elements, linear solvers etc, that can be implemented in plugins. A fast prototyping of algorithms can be achieved using a visual programing interface. A component is dedicated to deployment on parallel architectures. Moreover, the platform relies on a "store" system to foster exchange of plugins, scripts or data.

This work is being carried out with the support of two engineers in the framework of an ADT (Action de Développement Technologique) program.