Creation of the Team: 2009 October 01

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Claudia-Lavinia Ignat [Inria, Researcher]

Faculty Members

François Charoy [Team leader, Univ. Lorraine, Professor, HdR]

Khalid Benali [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor, HdR]

Nacer Boudjlida [Univ. Lorraine, Professor, HdR]

Gérôme Canals [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor]

Karim Dahman [Univ. Lorraine, until Aug 2013]

Martine Gautier [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor]

Claude Godart [Univ. Lorraine, Professor]

Jacques Lonchamp [Univ. Lorraine, Professor]

Gérald Oster [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor]

Olivier Perrin [Univ. Lorraine, Professor, HdR]

Pascal Urso [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor]

Samir Youcef [Univ. Lorraine, Associate Professor]


Stéphane Martin [Inria, granted by ANR STREAMS project, until Aug 2013]

Hien Thi Thu Truong [Inria, granted by FP7 EIT ICT LABS GA project, until Feb 2013]

PhD Students

Mehdi Ahmed-Nacer [Univ. Lorraine]

Luc André [Univ. Lorraine]

Mohamed Aymen Baouab [Univ. Lorraine, until Aug 2013]

Ahmed Bouchami [Univ. Lorraine]

Elio Goettelmann [CRP Henri Tudor]

Jordi Martori [Inria, granted by FP7 SYNCFREE project, from Oct 2013]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Karim Benouaret [Inria, until Aug 2013]

Afshin Moin [Inria]

Visiting Scientists

Badrina Gasmi Ép. Boumezoued [from Jun 2013 until Jul 2013]

Valerie Shalin [Wright State University, Associate Professor]

Weihai Yu [University of Tromsø, Associate Professor, from Sep 2013]

Administrative Assistants

Sophie Drouot [Inria]

Delphine Hubert [Univ. Lorraine]


Amina Ahmed Nacer [Univ. Lorraine, Master Internship, from Feb 2013 until Jun 2013]

Meagan Aldridge [Inria, Master Internship, from Jun 2013 until Oct 2013]

Idir Benouaret [Inria, Master Internship, from Apr 2013 until Sep 2013]

Nour El Houda Boucenna [Univ. Lorraine, Master Internship, from Feb 2013 until Jun 2013]

Damien Flament [Univ. Lorraine, Internship, from Jun 2013 until Aug 2013]

Jingjie Jiang [Univ. Lorraine, Master Internship, from Feb 2013 until Jun 2013]

Alexandre Roux d Anzi [Inria, Internship, from May 2013 until Jul 2013]

Raman Valliyur-Ramalingam [Inria, Master Internship, until Jul 2013]