Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Inria International Partners

Declared Inria International Partners

Collaborations in Neuroscience & Neuroendocrinology:

  - Boston University: joint publications [87] , [92] (with John Burke, Tasso Kaper and Mark Kramer).

  - University of Sevilla (Spain): joint publications [43] (with Emilio Freire and Enrique Ponce), participation in PhD examination boards (Mathieu Desroches).

  - Joint publications with individual collaborators: Thomas Stiehl (IWR Heidelberg) [39]  ; David Avitabile (School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Notthingham) [83] and Serafim Rodrigues (Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems, Plymouth University) [83] , [7] .

- Florida State University: joint work on GnRH decoding, with Richard Bertram and Joël Tabak, in the framework of the doctoral committee of Patrick Fletcher.

Collaborations in Quantum engineering:

The collaborations with the teams of Michel Devoret and Robert Schoelkopf, enforced through a two-year sabbatical visit of Mazyar Mirrahimi at Yale university, have led to a set of contributions ranging from the theoretical analysis and performance optimization of ongoing experiments on weak quantum measurements [47] and preparation of non-classical field states through single photon Kerr effect [49] to the design of new experiments on single qubit cooling by reservoir engineering techniques [46] and development of new quantum gates allowing the transfer of quantum information from a superconducting qubit to a cavity mode  [111] .

Collaborations in Classical engineering:

Long-term collaboration of Qinghua Zhang with Lennart Ljung (Linköping University, Sweden) and Peter Lindskog (NIRA Dynamics, Sweden) that led to the development of the System Identification ToolBox (SITB) is one of the main Matlab toolboxes commercialized by The Mathworks and several papers.