Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation

Management positions in scientific organisations


  • THRaSH, Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics workshop: Anne Auger, member of Steering Committee

  • ACM SIGEVO (Special Interest Group on Evolutionary Computation), Marc Schoenauer, member of Executive Board since 2000, officer (Secretary) since 2012; member of Business Committe (2011-2013).

  • Parallel Problem Solving from Nature: Marc Schoenauer, Member of Steering Committee, (since 1998).

  • PASCAL NoE (Pattern Analysis, Statistical modelling, Computational Learning), Michèle Sebag, member of the Steering Committee (PASCAL 2004-2008; PASCAL2, 2009-2013).

  • European Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery from Databases Steering Committee, MichèSebag, member since 2010;

  • ECCAI Fellow, Michè Sebag, since 2011;

  • Marc Schoenauer, Honorary Adjunct Professor, School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide, Australia (2009-2015).


  • Michè Sebag, member of the CoNRS; Senior Advisory Board CHIST-ERA; member of the CSFRS (Conseil Supérieur de la Formation et Recherche Stratégique); member of the Senate at Université Paris-Saclay; responsible for the DataSense axis in the DigiCosme Labex;

  • EA – Association Evolution Artificielle: Marc Schoenauer, founding president, now member of Advisory Committee. Anne Auger, member of Executive Commitee since 2008.

  • SimTools Network (RNSC Network). Philippe Caillou, coordinator since 2011.

Université Paris-Sud

  • Jamal Atif, “Directeur d'études” at Computer Science department of IUT d'Orsay ; membre de la CCSU 27 (membre du Bureau) since 2012; membre élu au conseil d'Institut, IUT d'Orsay ; membre du Bureau du département Informatique de l'IUT d'Orsay since 2011.

  • Anne Auger, membre du Conseil du Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique since 2012;

  • Philippe Caillou, membre élu du Conseil Scientifique de l'université since 2013, directeur des études à l'IUT de Sceaux since 2009

  • Cécile Germain, membre élu du Conseil Scientifique de l'université since 2012, membre du Bureau, chargée de mission à l'Informatique Scientifique.

  • Michèle Sebag, membre élu du Conseil du Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique et membre de la CCSU 27 since 2004.

  • Olivier Teytaud, représentant des B pour le comité d'évaluation du LRI.

Inria Saclay

  • Anne Auger, membre de la Commission de Suivi Doctoral ; représentante du centre de Saclay à la Commission des Jeunes Chercheurs.

  • Marc Schoenauer, Délégué Scientifique (aka VP Research) since 2010.

  • Olivier Teytaud, TAO representative at CUMI since 2008.

Organisation of Conferences and Scientific Events

  • BBOB Black-Box Optimization Benchmarking workshop at the ACM GECCO Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, 2013, Anne Auger and Nikolaus Hansen, co-organizers.

  • Dagstuhl Seminar 13271 Theory of Evolutionary Algorithms, 2013: Nikolaus Hansen, co-organizer.

  • ACM-GECCO, ES-EP track, Anne Auger co-chair.

  • Franco-Taiwanese 2013 meeting on AI, E-learning and power systems: https://www.lri.fr/~teytaud/france2013.html