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Creation of the Project-Team: 2008 July 01

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Frédéric Cazals [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HdR]


Tom Dreyfus [Inria]

PhD Students

Deepesh Agarwal [Inria, until September 2014]

Alix Lhéritier [Inria]

Simon Marillet [INRA]

Christine Roth [Inria, until September 2014]

Romain Tetley [University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, since November 2014]

Administrative Assistant

Florence Barbara [Inria]


Charles Robert [CNRS, External Collaborator, HdR]

Darsh Shah [Inria, intern from ITT Bombay,from May 2014 until July 2014]

Romain Tetley [Inria, intern from University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, from March 2014 until August 2014]