Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific events organisation

Member of the organizing committee
  • Isabelle Puaut is a member of the Executive committee of IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems

  • Isabelle Puaut is member of the Steering committees of ECRTS and WCET conferences.

  • Isabelle Puaut is the chair of the RTNS steering committee.

  • Isabelle Puaut and Damien Hardy are organizing the Ecole d'été Temps Réel in Rennes in August 2015.

  • Sylvain Collange is a member of the organization committee of Rencontres Arithmétiques de l'Informatique Mathématique (RAIM) 2015 in Rennes.

Scientific events selection

Member of the conference program committee
  • Isabelle Puaut was a member of RTSS 2014, RTAS 2014, RTCSA 2014 and SIES 2014 program committees. She is a member of the RTAS 2015 and WCET 2015 program committees.

  • Damien Hardy was a member of RTNS 2014 and WCET 2014 program committees. He is a member of the WCET 2015 program committee.

  • André Seznec was a member of the MICRO 2014 top picks committee, a member of SAMOS 2014 program committee and HPCA 2015 committee.

  • Erven Rohou was a member of the program committee of DITAM-PARMA 2015

  • Pierre Michaud was a member of the program committees of the HPCC 2014 conference and the OMHI 2014 and CBP4 workshops.

  • Sylvain Collange was a member of the program committee of the "Conférence en Parallélisme, Architecture et Système"(ComPas) 2014, Neuchâtel, Suisse.


Member of the editorial board
  • André Seznec is a member of the editorial board of the IEEE Micro.