Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

Instabilities in Hydrodynamics (2011–2015)

Participant : Nicolas Seguin.

The Emergence project (Ville de Paris and FSMP) “Instabilities in Hydrodynamics” is related to theoretical, applied, and numerical mathematics for the study of hydrodynamical turbulence phenomena.

Plasticity of geophysical flows and seismic emissions (2013–2016)

Participant : Anne Mangeney.

This project is funded by Sorbonne Paris Cité (80.000 euros) and is a collaboration between IPGP and Univ. Paris 13.

LRC Manon (2010–2014 and 2014–2018)

Participants : Edwige Godlewski, Yohan Penel, Nicolas Seguin.

CEA and Laboratory Jacques-Louis Lions launched a collaboration in order to carry out studies about complex fluids (modelling, numerical simulations and optimisation), in particular about compressible two-phase flows. This includes the derivation of strategies for model coupling, for instance in the case of an asymptotic hierarchy of models. This collaboration was recently renewed for another 4-year partnership.