Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


  • ANEMOS : ANR-11-MONU-002

    ANEMOS : Advanced Numeric for Elms : Models and Optimized Strategies associates JAD Laboratory/Inria (Nice, Manager), IRFM-CEA (Cadarache), Maison de la Simulation (Saclay) and Inria EPI Bacchus (Bordeaux). Elms are disruptive instabilities occurring in the edge region (SOL) of a tokamak plasma. The development of Elms poses a major challenge in magnetic fusion research with tokamaks, as these instabilities can damage plasma-facing components, particularly divertor plates. The mitigation or suppression of large Elms is a critical issue for successful operation of ITER. Goal for ANEMOS is to develop and improve numerical tools in order to simulate physical mechanisms of Elms and to qualify some strategies for their control. We then need to design efficient numerical strategies on the most advanced computers available to contribute to the science base underlying of proposed burning plasma tokamak experiments such as ITER.

  • ANR IODISSEE : IOnospheric DIsturbanceS and SatEllite-to-Earth communications. http://iodissee.math.cnrs.fr/project/index.html . In this ANR project, Castor  will address the use of data-models coupling method to identify the input model parameters (especially, the initial data for the electronic density).