Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

Collaborations in European Programs, except FP7 & H2020

  • Program: COST Action ES104.

  • Project acronym: EuMetChem.

  • Project title: European framework for online integrated air quality and meteorology modeling.

  • Duration: January 2011 - December 2014.

  • Coordinator: Alexander Baklanov, Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) Danemark.

  • Other partners: around 14 European laboratories, experts from United States, ECMWF.

  • Abstract: European framework for online integrated air quality and meteorology modeling (EuMetChem) focuses on a new generation of online integrated Atmospheric Chemical Transport (ACT) and Meteorology (Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate) modeling with two-way interactions between different atmospheric processes including chemistry (both gases and aerosols), clouds, radiation, boundary layer, emissions, meteorology and climate. Two application areas of the integrated modeling are considered: (i) improved numerical weather prediction (NWP) and chemical weather forecasting (CWF) with short-term feedbacks of aerosols and chemistry on meteorological variables, and (ii) two-way interactions between atmospheric pollution/ composition and climate variability/change. The framework consists of four working groups namely: 1) Strategy and framework for online integrated modeling; 2) Interactions, parameterizations and feedback mechanisms; 3) Chemical data assimilation in integrated models; and finally 4) Evaluation, validation, and applications. Establishment of such a European framework (involving also key American experts) enables the EU to develop world class capabilities in integrated ACT/NWP-Climate modeling systems, including research, forecasting and education.

Collaborations with Major European Organizations

  • Partner: ERCIM working group “Environmental Modeling”.

  • The working group gathers laboratories working on developing models, processing environmental data or data assimilation.