Section: New Software and Platforms

Image processing library: Heimdali

Participants : David Froger [SED] , Dominique Béréziat, Isabelle Herlin.

The initial aim of the image processing library Heimdali was to replace an internal Inria library (named Inrimage) by a library based on standard and open source tools, and mostly dedicated to satellite acquisitions.

The leading idea of the library is to allow the following issues:

  • making easier the sharing and development of image assimilation softwares. For that purpose, the installation is easily achieved with the package manager Conda.

  • developing generic tools for image processing and assimilation based on ITK (Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit http://www.itk.org ). In reverse providing tools to ITK and contribute to the ITK community. Our software corresponds to issues related to satellite acquisitions but could be of interest for processing medical image sequences.

The main components of Heimdali concern:

  • the pre/post processing of image sequences,

  • the image assimilation with numerical models,

  • the visualization of image sequences.

In 2014, prototypes of the two first items have been defined. The development of the whole library should be available in 2015.