Section: New Software and Platforms

Software updates

Participants : David Coudert, Luc Hogie, Aurélien Lancin, Nicolas Nisse, Michel Syska.

During this year, we have maintained and augmented already existing softwares. In particular:

  • DRMSim (http://drmsim.gforge.inria.fr/ ) : discrete-event simulation engine aiming at enabling the large-scale simulations of routing models.

  • Grph (http://grph.inria.fr ) : graph optimization library written in Java. This year, we have integrated the discrete-events simulation engine of DRMSim and some dynamic models (evolution of the connectivity with the mobility of nodes) to Grph . Notice that we have identified more than 300 academic users of Grph .

  • Sage (http://www.sagemath.org ) : open-source mathematics software initially created by William Stein (Professor of mathematics at Washington University). We contribute the addition of new graph algorithms along with their documentations and the improvement of underlying data structures.