Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Jing-Rebecca Li [correspondant] , Dang Van Nguyen.

We developed two numerical codes to solve the multiple-compartments Bloch-Torrey partial differential equation in 2D and 3D to simulate the water proton magnetization of a sample under the influence of diffusion-encoding magnetic field gradient pulses.

We coupled the spatial discretization with an efficient time discretization adapted to diffusive problems called the (explicit) Runge-Kutta-Chebyshev method.

The version of the code using Finite Volume discretization on a Cartesian grid is complete (written by Jing-Rebecca Li). The version of the code using linear Finite Elements discretization is complete (written by Dang Van Nguyen and Jing-Rebecca Li).

See the web page http://www.cmap.polytechnique.fr/~jingrebeccali/ for more details.