Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Grants with Industry

FUI Projects

  • Gregoire Allaire is in charge of the RODIN project. RODIN is the acronym of "Robust structural Optimization for Design in INdustry". This is a consortium of various companies and universities which has been sponsored by the FUI AAP 13 for 3 years, starting on July 2012. The industrial partners are: Renault, EADS, ESI, Eurodecision, Alneos, DPS. The academic partners are: CMAP at Ecole Polytechnique, Laboratoire J.-L. Lions at Paris 6 and 7 Universities, centre de recherches Bordeaux Sud-Ouest at Inria. The goal of the RODIN project is to perform research and develop a computer code on geometry and topology optimization of solid structures, based on the level set method.

  • Houssem Haddar is in charge of DEFI part of the FUI project Nanolytix. This three years project started in October 2012 and involves Xenocs (coordinator), imXPAD, Arkema, Inria (DEFI) and CEA-Leti. It aims at building a compact and easy-to use device that images nonaparticles using X-ray diffraction at small or wide angles (SAXS and WAXS technologies). We are in charge of direct and inverse simulation of the SAXS and WAXS experiments.

  • Houssem Haddar is in charge of the electormagnetic simulation work package of the FUI project Tandem. This three years project started in December 2012 and involves Bull-Amesys (coordinator), BOWEN (ERTE+SART), Ecole Polytechnique (CMAP), Inria, LEAT et VSM. It aims at constructing a radar system on a flying device capable of real-time imaging mines embedded in dry soils (up to 40 cm deep). We are in charge of numerical validation of the inverse simulator.