Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists


Sigurd Schneider, Ph.D. student at Saarlandes University in Saarbrucken, visited Gallium from Mar 2014 to May 2014. As part of his Ph.D., Sigurd Schneider develops an intermediate representation that unifies static single assignment form (SSA) and functional intermediate representations. During his internship, he considered the addition of GC support to this intermediate representation. He also developed a program logic to verify the correctness of a class of optimizations, including constant subexpression elimination (CSE) and global value numbering.

Research stays abroad

Since November 2014, Damien Doligez is on a sabbatical at Jane Street (New York, USA), a financial company (member of the Caml Consortium) that invests considerable R&D in the OCaml language and system.