Section: New Results

Highlights of the Year

  • F. Morain and A. Guillevic (with their co-authors R. Barbulescu and P. Gaudry) broke the discrete logarithm world record for finite fields of the form GF(p2) with a prime p of 80 decimal digits. The new techniques form the preprint [31] .

  • D. Augot and M. Finiasz received the best paper award at FSE 2014 [17] . FSE is the most important conference devoted to symmetric cryptography. Grace contribution is to propose a mathematical construction which enables direct construction of so-called diffusion layers in block ciphers.

  • A. Zeh, former Grace PhD student, received the special Prize of the Université Franco-Allemande (UFA) Jury 2014 at the French Ambassy in Berlin, on November 21st.

Best Paper Award :

[17] Direct Construction of Recursive MDS Diffusion Layers using Shortened BCH Codes in 21st International Workshop on Fast Software Encryption, FSE 2014.

D. Augot, M. Finiasz.