Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

FUI Région AAP 14 Hermes(2013-2015)

Participants: Angela Bonifati [correspondent], Joachim Niehren, Iovka Boneva Denis Debarbieux

The Hermes projecton “Relation Client Personalisée et Contextualisée” is coordinated by Bonifati from Links. Our partners are the Université Lille 1, Logos Keyneosoft, Cylande, Norsys, Numsight, Leroy Merlin, Kiabi and Auchan. The project addresses the problem of enriching the client communication within the marketing process. Starting from heterogeneous data sources (connected devices, social networks and traditional marketing channels), one has to extract the necessary information at hand. The data sources can be seen in a streaming fashion as they produce continuous data.