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Section: Application Domains

Collective Intelligence

(Collective intelligence is a shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition of many individuals and appears in consensus decision making" (from Wikipedia - Collective Intelligence)) Links represented in the data are important for web users, who try to locate relevant information. They typically want to pose their queries locally and obtain the answers from both local and remote repositories. With the concept of linked data collections,the users are provided with a virtual collection of data and links.The answers to a query need to follow both explicit and implicit links to external repositories. Nevertheless, we argue that the benefits of links are not limited to casual users. In this paragraph, we briefly discuss two applications in which linked data collections need to be created. In the past decade, most of the enterprise data was proprietary, thus residing within the enterprise repository, along with the knowledge derived from that data.Todays enterprises need to face the problem of in formation explosion, due to the Internet’s instability to rapidly convey large amounts of information throughout the world via end-user applications and tools. A linked data collection thus represents a virtual knowledge repository, in which relevant data is collected and meaningful mappings between this data and external world are inferred. A linked data collections would ease the task of experts users to (i) process data, metadata and knowledge that derives from machine to machine processing and eventually make sense of it; (ii) assemble and disassemble pieces of data, metadata and knowledge to create aggregate opinions or to disaggregate opinions in a way that turns to be useful in decision making; (iii) continuously learn from user feedback to produce better knowledge and to enhance the semantics of data processing.