Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Fabrice Neyret [contact] , Eric Bruneton.

Now available at http://proland.inrialpes.fr/ in double licencing GPL/commercial.

Proland (for procedural landscape) is a software platform originally developed at the Evasion team-project by Eric Bruneton, and currently funded by the ANR-JCJC SimOne. The goal of this platform is the real-time quality rendering and editing of large landscapes. All features can work with planet-sized terrains, for all viewpoints from ground to space. Most of the work published by Eric Bruneton and Fabrice Neyret has been done within Proland, and a large part has been integrated in the main branch. Several licences have been transfered to companies. Eric Bruneton was hired by Google-Zürich in september 2011, but will be able to keep some participation in the project.