Section: Application Domains

Cancer modeling

  • Specific models : investigation of particular cancers : gliomas (brain tumors), meningioma, colorectal cancers lung and liver metastasis, breast cancer. This is one part of the PhD works of P. Berment, J. Jouganous, G. Lefebvre and post-doc of J. Joie.

  • Modelling of electrochemotherapy

  • Parameter estimations with the help of low order models : see the PhD of J. Jouganous

  • Patient-specific simulations

  • Theoretical biology of the metastatic process: dynamics of a population of tumors in mutual interactions, dormancy, pre-metastatic and metastatic niche, quantification of metastatic potential and differential effects of anti-angiogenic therapies on primary tumor and metastases.

  • Mathematical models for preclinical cancer research: description and prediction of tumor growth and metastatic development, effect of anti-cancerous therapies