Section: Application Domains

Newtonian fluid flows simulations and their analysis

  • Simulation of a synthetic or pulsed jet. This is an ongoing project with Renault and PSA inside a PREDIT project.

  • Vortex dynamics : see [75] .

  • Simulation of compressible flows on cartesian grids : see the thesis of Gabriele Ottino's Thesis [86] , who underwent his doctoral studies in conjunction in the MC2 team and at the Politecnico di Torino, and defended in April 2009. He had a grant of the French-Italian university.

  • 3D turbulent flows through DESGRIVRE contract with AIRBUS. Thesis of C. Wervaecke [95] . The goal is to use Detached-Eddy Simulation to model turbulent flows around iced bodies.

  • Porous media : Numerical study of coupling between Richards and transport-diffusion equations in permeable sediment affected by tidal oscillation. See the thesis of R. Chassagne [68]

  • Modeling and numerical simulation of the flow around a real wind turbine. Phd thesis of Xin Jin. This includes reduced order model to design more efficient blades.