Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


  • Title: Interactivity in the Authoring of Time and Interactions

  • Project acronym: INEDIT

  • Type: ANR Contenu et Interaction 2012 (CONTINT)

  • Instrument: ANR Grant

  • Duration: September 2012 - September 2015

  • Coordinator: IRCAM (France)

  • Other partners: Grame (Lyon, France), LaBRI (Bordeaux, France).

  • Abstract: The INEDIT project aims to provide a scientific view of the interoperability between common tools for music and audio productions, in order to open new creative dimensions coupling authoring of time and authoring of interaction. This coupling allows the development of novel dimensions in interacting with new media. Our approach lies within a formal language paradigm: An interactive piece can be seen as a virtual interpreter articulating locally synchronous temporal flows (audio signals) within globally asynchronous event sequence (discrete timed actions in interactive composition). Process evaluation is then to respond reactively to signals and events from an environment with heterogeneous actions coordinated in time and space by the interpreter. This coordination is specified by the composer who should be able to express and visualize time constraints and complex interactive scenarios between mediums. To achieve this, the project focuses on the development of novel technologies: dedicated multimedia schedulers, runtime compilation, innovative visualization and tangible interfaces based on augmented paper, allowing the specification and realtime control of authored processes. Among posed scientific challenges within the INEDIT project is the formalization of temporal relations within a musical context, and in particular the development of a GALS (Globally Asynchronous, Locally Synchronous) approach to computing that would bridge in the gap between synchronous and asynchronous constraints with multiple scales of time, a common challenge to existing multimedia frameworks.

Other National Initiatives

Jean-Louis Giavitto participates in the SynBioTIC ANR Blanc project (with IBISC, University of Evry, LAC University of Paris-Est, ISC - Ecole Polytechnique).

The team is also an active member of the ANR network CHRONOS (investigator Gérard Berry, Collège de France).