Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

Masahiko Sakai (Professor at the University of Nagoya) visited MuTant for two weeks in April and October 2014, For collaborations on term rewriting techniques applied to the representations of rhythm in music notations.

Slawek Staworko (LINKS, on leave at U. of Edinburgh) visited MuTant for two weeks in June and July 2014, for collaborations on the problem of automatic rhythm transcriptions.

Visits to International Teams

MuTant team members Arshia Cont, Jean-Louis Giavitto and José Echeveste made a formal visit to M.I.T. MediaLab in May 2014 to showcase MuTant work and discuss further collaborations with several New Media teams at MIT.

Research stays abroad

José Echeveste stays during six weeks in several Universities of United States which enables collaborations with the following teams and centers:

  • Center for Hybrid and Embedded Software Systems (UC Berkeley)

  • The Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (UC Berkeley)

  • Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (Stanford)

  • Roger Dannenberg's team (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • Computer Music Center (Columbia University)

This trip allows to share research experience with many people with different areas of expertise and to broadly disseminate the Mutant team work in the main computer music centers and other important computer research centers of United States.

José Echeveste (MuTant PhD students) undertook a Research Stay in UC Berkeley's EECS department, Center for Hybrid and Embedded Software Systems (CHESS) for two months between April and May 2014. His visit was highlighted by several master classes and workshops on MuTant research in diverse institutions such as UC Berkeley, Columbia University and MIT.