Section: Dissemination


Arshia Cont was invited to a TEDx Talk in October 2014 on Human-Computer Musicianship that attracted more than 12 thousand podcasts according to organisers.

Arshia Cont was invited to participate in CNRS's 2nd edition of “Les Fondamentales” Science and Society event in Grenoble, in a session dedicated to Science and Music on the same Score .

Arshia Cont was invitee to the BFM Business Program on Future of Sound.

Arshia Cont was featured in the June Edition of Usbek et Rica magazine.

MuTant team participated in the 2014 edition of Futur en Seine festival and showcased collaboration with Orchestre de Paris in a public event.

Article on Antescofo by Arshia Cont in the December 2014-January 2015 edition of the popular science magazine “Dossier de La Recherche”.

José Echeveste, Arshia Cont and Jean-Louis Giavitto participated to the colloquium “La musique en temps réel” in the festival Musica, Strasbourg, september 2014.

Jean-Louis Giavitto participated to the colloquium “Le calcul et le temps, colloque de philosophie de l’informatique” Université Jean Moulin (Lyon 3), novembre 2014. He was invited on several seminars outside computer sciences: EPFL - ArchiZoom, “computational morphogenesis” in the context of the architecture exhibition “Animal ?” (april 2014); the e|m|a|fructidor art school in Chalons, “space and the formalization of musical processes” (april 2014); CNSMD Lyon and the Ecole Normale Lyon, “Du temps écrit au temps produit” with Julia Blondeau (april 2014); CISEC (club Inter-associations – AAAF, SEE, SIA – des Systèmes Embarqués Critiques), “Temps Réel en musique : Antescofo” (Toulouse June 2014).

Florent Jacquemard participated to the Inria seminar "1/2 hour of science" in July 2014, with a talk on Testing and Verification of interactive music systems.