Section: Dissemination

Conference and workshop committees, invited conferences

Nicolas Broutin has given lectures at the annual meeting of the GDR-IM and at the Journees de combinatoire de Bordeaux, the Workshop on New Frontriers in random geometric graphs at the Lorentz Center in Leiden. He has presented his results at seminars in Ecole Polytechnique (LIX and CMAP), Universite de Nice and at the East China Normal University in Shanghai. He has visited the mathematics department of the University of Bath and the NYU-ECNU institute for mathematical sciences at NYU Shanghai.

Sarah Eugene gave a talk at the Joint Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology and the Society for Mathematical Biology on July 2014, Osaka, Japan.

Christine Fricker was invited at Tours University in a panel about “Trades of mathematics”, 20/11/2014. She gave a talk at ECQT (1rst European Conference on Queuing Theory), Ghent, 20-22/8/2014. Participation (co-author) at Workshop CluCo d'EGC 2014, Rennes, 28/01/2014, IWCIM, Paris, 1-2/11/2014.

Philippe Robert gave a keynote conference of “European Conference on Queueing Theory”, ECQT 2014, Ghent, August 2014. He gave a talk at the Lycee “Jeanne d'Albret” in Saint Germain en Laye in May, and for BTS students in April and also to maths teachers of option ISN (Informatique et sciences du numérique), académie de Versailles in April 2014.