Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

  • BQR INSA CROME 12/2013-12/2016

    Participants: Fabrice Valois

    The partners in this project are the CITI DynaMid team and LIRIS. The project studies the coordination of a fleet of mobile robots for the multi-view analysis of complex scenes.

  • Labex IMU Priva'Mov 10/2013-10/2016

    Participants: Djamel Benferhat, Patrice Raveneau, Hervé Rivano, Razvan Stanica

    The partners in this project are DRIM LIRIS, Inria Privatics, INSA EVS, and LET ENTPE. The aim of this project is to develop and deploy a crowdsensing platform to collect mobility traces from a sample of real users equipped with android devices, while carrying research on privacy preservation issues. Our contribution consists on developing the platform and using the collected data to analyze cellular network offloading strategies.