Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


  • ANR ABCD 10/2013-04/2017.

    Participants: Diala Naboulsi, Marco Fiore, Razvan Stanica

    The partners in the ANR ABCD project are: Orange Labs, Ucopia, Inria UrbaNet, UPMC LIP6 PHARE, Telecom ParisTech. The objective of ABCD is to characterize large-scale user mobility and content consumption in urban areas via mobile data mining, so as to achieve efficient deployment and management of cloud resources via virtual machines. Our contribution in the project consists on the characterization of human mobility and service consumption at a city scale, and the design of appropriate resource allocation techniques at the cellular network level.

  • ANR IDEFIX 10/2013-04/2017.

    Participants: Soukaina Cherkaoui, Hervé Rivano, Fabrice Valois

    The partners in the ANR IDEFIX project are: Orange Labs, Alcatel Lucent - Bell Labs, Telecom Paris Tech, Inria UrbaNet, Socrate and Dyogene.

Pôle ResCom

  • Ongoing participation (since 2006)

    Communication networks, working groups of GDR ASR, CNRS (http://rescom.inrialpes.fr ). Hervé Rivano is member of the scientific committee of ResCom.

Common Laboratory Inria/Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs

  • ADR Green

    UrbaNet is part of the ADR Green of the common laboratory Inria/Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs. This ADR provides the PhD grant of Soukaina Cherkaoui on the adaptation of wireless sensor network control protocols for optimizing the energy consumption of heterogeneous cellular LTE networks.


  • SenseCity

    We have coordinated the participation of several Inria teams to the SenseCity EquipEx. Within the SenseCity project, several small reproduction of 1/3rd scale city surroundings will be built under a climatically controlled environment. Micro and nano sensors will be deployed to experiment on smart cities scenarios, with a particular focus on pollution detection and intelligent transport services. Urbanet will have the opportunity to tests some of its capillary networking solutions in a very realistic but controlled urban environment. The first deployment is scheduled early 2015.

Inria Project lab

  • CityLab

    Urbanet is involved in the CityLab Inria Project Lab lead by Valérie Issarny. Within this project, Hervé Rivano is the networking referent for the PhD thesis of Raphael Ventura, advised by Vivien Mallet, in the Clime Inria team.