Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Participation In International Programs


Participants : Carlos Areces, Haniel Barbosa, Luciana Benotti, Richard Bonichon, David Déharbe, Pablo Federico Dobal, Raúl Fervari, Pascal Fontaine, Guillaume Hoffmann, Stephan Merz, Claudia Tavares.

VeriDis has a close working relationship with two South American teams at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande de Norte (UFRN), Brazil (more specifically with Prof. David Déharbe), and at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina (more specifically with Prof. Carlos Areces). The STIC AmSud MISMT project, including both teams and VeriDis, started in 2014. It complements the MEALS project (section 8.3 ) and extends it to cooperation with UFRN.

The project is centered around Satisfiability Modulo Theories, with a focus on applications to Modal Logic. Notably, the project sustains the development of the veriT solver (section  5.1 ), of which David Déharbe and Pascal Fontaine are the main developers. First results on using SMT for modal logic have been accepted for publication.

In February, Stephan Merz spent three weeks in Córdoba. David Déharbe stayed in Nancy until July, on a sabbatical from UFRN. A workshop with many participants from the project took place in Nancy in early July. Richard Bonichon and Claudia Tavares visited Nancy in September. At the end of the year, Haniel Barbosa (VeriDis PhD student in joint supervision with Natal) spent three months in Natal and visited Córdoba for two weeks.

More information on the STIC AmSud MISMT project is available on http://mismt.gforge.inria.fr/ .