Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

A 5-month contract with the company Metaware to provide support for Metaware's use of Coccinelle ended in February 2014. This contract resulted in numerous improvements in Coccinelle of interest to the general Coccinelle user community, including better handling of declarations involving multiple variables and better pretty printing of the gernated code.

The PhD of Koutheir Attouchi [10] on managing resources in the context of Smart Home gateway was supported by a CIFRE grant with Orange Labs.

Together with Julien Sopena from REGAL, we are collaborating with Renault, in the context of the PhD of Antoine Blin (CIFRE), on hierarchical scheduling in multicore platforms for real-time embedded systems. This work is a dissemination of our previous research on the Bossa domain-specific language [6] .