Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


  • InfraJVM - (2012 - 2015)

  • Members: LIP6 (Regal-Whisper), Ecole des Mines de Nantes (Constraint), IRISA (Triskell), LaBRI (LSR).

  • Coordinator: Gaël Thomas

  • Whisper members: Julia Lawall, Gilles Muller

  • Funding: ANR Infra, 202 000 euros.

  • Objectives: The design of the Java Virtual Machine(JVM) was last revised in 1999, at atime when a single program running on a uniprocessor desktop machine was the norm. Today's computing environment, however, is radically different, being characterized by many different kinds of computing devices, which are often mobile and which need to interact within the context of a single application. Supporting such applications, involving multiple mutually untrusted devices, requires resource management and scheduling strategies that were not planned for in the 1999 JVM design. The goal of InfraJVM is to design strategies that can meet the needs of such applications and that provide the good performance that is required in an MRE.

  • Chronos network, Time and Events in Computer Science, Control Theory, Signal Processing, Computer Music, and Computational Neurosciences and Biology

  • Coordinator: Gerard Berry

  • Whisper member: Gilles Muller

  • Funding: ANR 2014, Défi “Société de l'information et de la communication”.

    The Chronos interdisciplinary network aims at placing in close contact and cooperation researchers of a variety of scientific fields: computer science, control theory, signal processing, computer music, neurosciences, and computational biology. The scientific object of study will be the understanding, modeling, and handling of time- and event-based computation across the fields.

    Chronos will work by organizing a regular global seminar on subjects ranging from open questions to concrete solutions in the research fields, workshops gathering subsets of the Chronos researchers to address specific issues more deeply, a final public symposium presenting the main contributions and results, and an associated compendium.

Multicore Inria Project Lab

The Multicore IPL is an Inria initiative led by Gilles Muller, whose goal is to develop techniques for being able to deploy parallel programs on heterogeneous multicore machines while preserving scalability and performance. The IPL brings together researchers from the ALF, Algorille, CAMUS, Compsys, DALI, REGAL, Runtime and Whisper Inria Teams. These connections provide access to a diversity of expertise on open source development and parallel computing, respectively. In this context, we are working with Jens Gustedt of Inria Lorraine and on developing a domain-specific language that eases programming with the ordered read-write lock (ORWL) execution model. The goal of this work is to provide a single execution model for parallel programs and allow them to be deployed on multicore machines with varying architectures.