Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • 2G. Ballard, J. W. Demmel, L. Grigori, M. Jacquelin, K. Nicholas, H. D. Nguyen.

    Reconstructing Householder vectors for QR factorization, in: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 2015, vol. 85, 28 p.

  • 3X. Claeys, R. Hiptmair.

    Integral Equations for Electromagnetic Scattering at Multi-Screens, in: Integral Equations and Operator Theory, January 2016, vol. 84, no 1, 36 p. [ DOI : 10.1007/s00020-015-2242-5 ]

  • 4J. W. Demmel, L. Grigori, M. Gu, H. Xiang.

    Communication Avoiding Rank Revealing QR Factorization with Column Pivoting, in: SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 2015, vol. 36, no 1, pp. 55-89. [ DOI : 10.1137/13092157X ]

  • 5L. Grigori, S. Moufawad.

    Communication Avoiding ILU0 Preconditioner, in: SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 2015, vol. 37, no 2, 30 p. [ DOI : 10.1137/130930376 ]

  • 6P.-H. Tournier, F. Hecht, M. Comte.

    Finite Element Model of Soil Water and Nutrient Transport with Root Uptake: Explicit Geometry and Unstructured Adaptive Meshing, in: Transport in Porous Media, January 2015, vol. 106, no 2, pp. 487-504. [ DOI : 10.1007/s11242-014-0411-7 ]


Invited Conferences

  • 7F. Nataf, R. Haferssas, P. Jolivet.

    An ASM type theory for P.L. Lions algorithm – Optimized Schwarz Methods, in: DD XXIII International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods, Jeju, South Korea, July 2015.


Other Publications

  • 8L. Chesnel, X. Claeys.

    A numerical approach for the Poisson equation in a planar domain with a small inclusion, January 2016, working paper or preprint.

  • 9L. Chesnel, X. Claeys, S. A. Nazarov.

    Oscillating behaviour of the spectrum for a plasmonic problem in a domain with a rounded corner, December 2015, working paper or preprint.

  • 10X. Claeys.

    Essential spectrum of local multi-trace boundary integral operators, August 2015, working paper or preprint.

  • 11X. Claeys.

    Spectral asymptotics for the Dirichlet-Laplace problem in a domain with thin tube excluded, February 2015, working paper or preprint.

  • 12X. Claeys, V. Dolean, M. J. Gander.

    An introduction to Multitrace Formulations and Associated Domain Decomposition Solvers, October 2015, working paper or preprint.

  • 13X. Claeys, R. Hiptmair, E. Spindler.

    Second-Kind Boundary Integral Equations for Scattering at Composite Partly Impenetrable Objects, June 2015, working paper or preprint.

  • 14V. Dolean, P. Jolivet, F. Nataf.

    An Introduction to Domain Decomposition Methods: algorithms, theory and parallel implementation, January 2015, Lecture.

  • 15M. El-Haddad, F. Hecht, T. Sayah.

    Interface transport scheme of a two-phase flow by the method of characteristics, October 2015, working paper or preprint.

  • 16C. Erin, J. W. Demmel, L. Grigori, K. Nick, K. Penporn, O. Schwartz, V. Harsha.

    Write-Avoiding Algorithms, June 2015, Available at http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/Pubs/TechRpts/2015/EECS-2015-163.pdf as Technical Report No. UCB/EECS-2015-163.

  • 17M. J. Grote, M. Kray, F. Nataf, F. Assous.

    Time-dependent wave splitting and source separation, October 2015, working paper or preprint.

  • 18R. Haferssas, P. Jolivet, F. Nataf.

    A robust coarse space for Optimized Schwarz methodsSORAS-GenEO-2, January 2015, soumis pour publication.