Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


The team is involved in the following undergraduate and graduate-level programs at Mines Nantes and University of Nantes (the institutions all of eaching staff belongs to):

  • The team is a main contributor to the engineering program of EMN.

  • Within this engineering program, the team is steering, chairing and the main contributor to a two-year graduate-level informatics specialization. H. Grall is managing this program.

  • Since 2011 our team has defined and set up a new three-year engineering program on software engineering. T. Ledoux is managing this program.

The team has also been involved in the following MSc programs that have been carried out with partners from French and foreign universities:

  • The team participates in the MSc program “Alma” on software architecture and distributed systems, a joint program steered by colleagues from University of Nantes. In this context, we are responsible for a 48-hour module on advanced software composition and take part in the program's governing board. M. Südholt is managing the participation of Mines Nantes in this program.

  • Members of the team have taught different courses at different study levels in Rennes mainly organized by University of Rennes and the research institutes IRISA and Inria.

m members have taught for about 220 hours on average in 2015 (hours of presence in front of students). Hereby, we have taken into account that researchers and some professors have not taught at times. In addition, another significant part of the program is taught by temporary staff, whose participation is managed by ASCOLA members.

In addition, J. Noyé has been interim head of the DAPI department of École de Mines de Nantes until Oct. 2015 and has been its vice-head since then.


The team has been supervising 18 PhD thesis (at least partially) in 2015, of which four have been co-supervised with external academic partners (one with partners from TU Darmstadt, Germany, and VU Brussel, Belgium) and two with another Inria team (Myriads from Rennes). Four PhDs have been co-supervised with industrial partners (Orange group, Sigma group, and the EasyVirt SME).

One PhD thesis has been defended this year: Jurgen Van Ham has presented a model and corresponding extension of Scala integrating event-based, aspect-oriented and object-oriented programming features. Three PhD students are preparing her defense for end of the first quarter 2015.

Rémi Douence has defended his habilitation (HDR) on the topic: “Composition non modulaire modulaire” presenting new means for the modularization of composition problems.


  • J.-C. Royer was a member of the HDR committee of Mohamed Graiet (Université Paris Dauphine), July 2015.

  • A. Lebre was a member of the PhD committee of Houssem Medhioub, “Architectures et mécanismes de fédération dans les environnements Cloud Computing et Cloud Networking”, University Pierre et Marie Curie/TelecomSud Paris, April 2015.

  • J. Noyé was a member of the PhD committee of Dries Harnie: "Blame Prediction: Early detection of type errors in dynamically typed programming languages", Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Aug. 2015.

  • J.-M. Menaud was a reviewer of the PhD of : Christina Herzog (Nov. 26, 2015) "Contributions à la modélisation avec un Système Multi Agent du transfert technologique en Green IT", Reviewer, Toulouse. Ibrahim Safieddine (Oct. 29, 2015) "Optimisation d’Infrastructures de Cloud Computing dans des Green Datacenters", Reviewer, Grenoble. Ge LI (Jull. 22, 2015) "Contrôle des applications fondé sur la qualité de service pour les plateformes logicielles dématérialisées (Cloud)", Reviewer, Annecy. Ahmed El Rheddane (Fev. 25, 2015) "Elasticité dans le Cloud Computing", Member, Grenoble.

  • J.-M. Menaud was a reviewer of the HdR committee of Patricia Stolf (Nov. 13, 2015) "La gestion des ressources pour des infrastructures vertes par la reconfiguration", Reviewer, Toulouse.