Section: Dissemination

Participation in workshops, seminars, lectures, etc.

In addition to presentations with a publication in the proceedings, which are listed at the end of the document in the bibliography, members of ASPI have also given the following presentations.

Frédéric Cérou has presented the results about the convergence of ABC at the probability and stochastic processes seminar of université de Rennes 1, and at the applied mathematics seminar of université de Nantes, both in November 2015.

Patrick Héas has given a talk on 3D wind field reconstruction by infrared sounding, at EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites) in Darmstadt, Germany, in June 2015, and a talk on reduced–order modeling of hidden dynamics, at the international workshop on reduced basis, POD and PGD model reduction techniques, held in Cachan in November 2015.

François Le Gland has given a talk on simulation–based algorithms for the optimization of sensor deployment at the department of signal theory and communications of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, in February 2015, and a talk on marginalization in rare event simulation for switching diffusions at the ONERA workshop on particle algorithms, held in Toulouse in May 2015.

Valérie Monbet has given a talk on switching autoregressive models for stochastic weather generators, and application to temperature series, at the kick–off meeting of the SEACS project, held in Landeda in May 2015.

Kersane Zoubert–Ousseni has given a poster presentation at the summer school on Foundations and Advances in Stochastic Filtering , held in Barcelona in June 2015.