Section: New Software and Platforms


Functional Description

In Tokamaks, at the slow resistive diffusion time scale, the magnetic configuration can be described by the MHD equilibrium equations inside the plasma and the Maxwell equations outside. Moreover, the magnetic field is often supposed not to depend on the azimutal angle.

Under this assumption of axisymmetric configuration, the equilibrium in the whole space reduces to solving a 2D problem in which the magnetic field in the plasma is described by the well known Grad Shafranov equation. The unknown of this problem is the poloidal magnetic flux. The P1 finite element code CEDRES++ solves this free boundary equilibrium problem in direct, evolutive and inverse mode. The direct problem consists in the computation of the magnetic configuration and of the plasma boundary, given a plasma current density profile and the total current in each poloidal field coils (PF coils). In the evolutive mode, a time-dependent sequence of snapshots is obtained, being given a time evolution of the current density profiles in the plasmas and of the voltages in the power supplies of the poloidal field circuits. The aim of the inverse problem is to find currents in the PF coils in order to best fit a given plasma shape.

  • Participants: Cédric Boulbe, Jacques Blum, Blaise Faugeras and Holger Heumann

  • Partners: CNRS - CEA - Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS)

  • Contact: Cédric Boulbe

  • Reference: [16]