Section: New Software and Platforms


Functional Description

EQUINOX is a code dedicated to the numerical reconstruction of the equilibrium of the plasma in a Tokamak. The problem solved consists in the identification of the plasma current density, a non-linear source in the 2D Grad-Shafranov equation which governs the axisymmetric equilibrium of a plasma in a Tokamak. The experimental measurements that enable this identification are the magnetics on the vacuum vessel, but also polarimetric and interferometric measures on several chords, as well as motional Stark effect measurements. The reconstruction can be obtained in real-time and the numerical method implemented involves a finite element method, a fixed-point algorithm and a least-square optimization procedure.

  • Participants: Jacques Blum, Cédric Boulbe and Blaise Faugeras

  • Contact: Blaise Faugeras

  • Reference: [1]