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Section: Application Domains

Other Domains

Our combinatorial tools may be well applied to solve many other problems in various areas (transport, biology, resource allocation, chemistry, smart-grids, speleology, etc.) and we intend to collaborate with experts of these other domains.

For instance, we have recently started a collaboration in Structural Biology with EPI ABS (Algorithms Biology Structure) from Sophia Antipolis (described in Section  7.2 ). Furthermore, we are working on robot moving problems coming from Artificial Intelligence/Robotic in collaboration with Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. In the area of transportation networks, we have started a collaboration with Amadeus on complex trip planning, and a collaboration with SME Instant-System on dynamic car-pooling combined with multi-modal transportation systems. Last, we have started a collaboration with GREDEG (Groupe de Recherche en Droit, Economie et Gestion, Univ. Nice Sophia Antipolis) on the analysis and the modeling of systemic risks in networks of financial institutions.