Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • 3I. Achour, T. Bejaoui, A. Busson, S. Tabbane.

    SEAD: A simple and efficient adaptive data dissemination protocol in vehicular ad-hoc networks , in: Wireless Networks, September 2015, 11 p. [ DOI : 10.1007/s11276-015-1050-9 ]

  • 4C. Adjih, E. Baccelli, E. Fleury, G. Harter, N. Mitton, T. Noel, R. Pissard-Gibollet, F. Saint-Marcel, G. Schreiner, J. Vandaele, T. Watteyne.

    FIT IoT-LAB: A Large Scale Open Experimental IoT Testbed – A valuable tool for IoT deployment in Smart Factories, in: IEEE ComSoc Multimedia Technical Committee E-Letter, December 2015.

  • 5A. Ancel, I. Assenmacher, K. I. Baba, J. Cisonni, Y. Fujiso, P. Gonçalves, M. Imbert, K. Koyamada, P. Neyron, N. Kazunori, O. Hiroyuki, A.-C. Orgerie, X. Pelorson, B. Raffin, N. Sakamoto, E. Sakane, S. Wada, S. Shimojo, A. Van Hirtum.

    PetaFlow: a global computing-networking-visualisation unitwith social impact, in: International Research Journal of Computer Science, April 2015, vol. 2, no 4.

  • 6S. Barbu, A. Nardy, J.-P. Chevrot, B. Guellaï, L. Glas, J. Juhel, A. Lemasson.

    Sex Differences in Language Across Early Childhood: Family Socioeconomic Status does not Impact Boys and Girls Equally, in: Frontiers in Psychology, December 2015, vol. 6, 10 p. [ DOI : 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01874 ]

  • 7T. Begin, B. Baynat, I. Guérin Lassous, T. Abreu.

    Performance analysis of multi-hop flows in IEEE 802.11 networks: A flexible and accurate modeling framework, in: Performance Evaluation, February 2016.

  • 8A. Brandwajn, T. Begin.

    Performance Evaluation of Cloud Computing Centers with General Arrivals and Service, in: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, January 2016.

  • 9C. Crespelle, M. Latapy, T. H. D. Phan.

    On the termination of some biclique operators on multipartite graphs, in: Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2015, vol. 195, pp. 59–73. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.dam.2015.02.006 ]

  • 10C. Crespelle, T. H. D. Phan, H. Tran-The.

    Termination of the Iterated Strong-Factor Operator on Multipartite Graphs, in: Theoretical Computer Science, 2015, vol. 571, pp. 67-77.

  • 11C. Crespelle, E. Thierry.

    Computing the Directed Cartesian-Product Decomposition of a Directed Graph from its Undirected Decomposition in Linear Time, in: Discrete Mathematics, 2015, vol. 338, no 12, pp. 2393-2407.

  • 12M. Doret, J. Spilka, V. Chudáček, P. Gonçalves, P. Abry.

    Fractal Analysis and Hurst Parameter for Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Variability Analysis: A Versatile Alternative to Frequency Bands and LF/HF Ratio, in: PLoS ONE, August 2015, e0136661. [ DOI : 10.1371/journal.pone.0136661 ]

  • 13A. T. Giang, A. Busson, A. Lambert, D. Gruyer.

    Spatial capacity of IEEE 802.11p based VANET: models, simulations and experimentations, in: IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, January 2015, 15 p. [ DOI : 10.1109/TVT.2015.2474156 ]

  • 14B. Girault, P. Gonçalves, E. Fleury.

    Translation on Graphs: An Isometric Shift Operator, in: IEEE Signal Processing Letters, December 2015, vol. 22, no 12, pp. 2416 - 2420. [ DOI : 10.1109/LSP.2015.2488279 ]

  • 15P. Jensen, M. Morini, M. Karsai, T. Venturini, A. Vespignani, M. Jacomy, J.-P. Cointet, P. Mercklé, E. Fleury.

    Detecting global bridges in networks, in: Journal of Complex Networks, October 2015. [ DOI : 10.1093/comnet/cnv022 ]

  • 16G. Laurent, J. Saramäki, M. Karsai.

    From calls to communities: a model for time varying social networks, in: European Physical Journal B: Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, November 2015, vol. 301, 10 pages, 5 figures.

  • 17D. Mocanu, L. Rossi, Q. Zhang, M. Karsai, W. Quattrociocchi.

    Collective attention in the age of (mis)information, in: Computers in Human Behavior, October 2015, vol. 51, misinformation, attention patterns, false information, social response. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.chb.2015.01.024 ]

  • 18T. Obadia, L. Opatowski, L. Temime, J.-L. Herrmann, E. Fleury, P.-Y. Boëlle, D. Guillemot.

    Interindividual Contacts and Carriage of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus: A Nested Case-Control Study, in: Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, April 2015, pp. 1-8. [ DOI : 10.1017/ice.2015.89 ]

  • 19T. Obadia, R. Silhol, L. Opatowski, L. Temime, J. Legrand, A. Thiébaut, J.-L. Herrmann, E. Fleury, D. Guillemot, P.-Y. Boëlle.

    Detailed Contact Data and the Dissemination of Staphylococcus aureus in Hospitals, in: PLoS Computational Biology, March 2015, vol. 11, no 3, pp. 1-16. [ DOI : 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004170 ]

  • 20R. Riedi, P. Gonçalves.

    A strong Tauberian theorem for characteristic functions, in: Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, 2015, vol. 39, 6 p. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.acha.2015.03.007 ]

  • 21Z. Ruan, G. Iniguez, M. Karsai, J. Kertész.

    Kinetics of Social Contagion, in: Physical Review Letters, November 2015, vol. 218702, 8 pages, 4 figures + 8 pages Supplemental Material.

  • 22M. Tizzoni, K. Sun, D. Benusiglio, M. Karsai, N. Perra.

    The Scaling of Human Contacts in Reaction-Diffusion Processes on Heterogeneous Metapopulation Networks, in: Scientific Reports, October 2015, vol. 5, no 15111.


Invited Conferences

  • 23E. Fleury, J. I. Alvarez-Hamelin, A. Busson, M. Karsai, Y. Leo, C. Sarraute.

    Mobile Phone Network Datasets Analysis, in: Asian Internet Engineering Conference (AINTEC) 2015, Bangkok, Thailand, November 2015.

  • 24B. Girault.

    Stationary Graph Signals using an Isometric Graph Translation, in: Eusipco, Nice, France, August 2015, pp. 1531-1535.


International Conferences with Proceedings

  • 25I. Achour, T. Bejaoui, A. Busson, S. Tabbane.

    A Redundancy based Protocol for Safety Message Dissemination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, in: The 82 nd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, Boston, United States, IEEE, September 2015.

  • 26T. Begin, A. Brandwajn.

    Predicting the System Performance by Combining Calibrated Performance Models of its Components , in: 7th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE), Delft, Netherlands, March 2016.

  • 27C. Crespelle, T.-N. Le, P. Kevin, T. H. D. Phan.

    Linearity is Strictly More Powerful than Contiguity for Encoding Graphs, in: 14th International Symposium on Algorithms and Data Structures – WADS 2015, Victoria, Canada, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2015, vol. 9214, pp. 212-223.

  • 28C. Crespelle, A. Perez, I. Todinca.

    An O(n2)-time algorithm for the minimal permutation completion problem, in: 41st International Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science - WG 2015, Munich, Germany, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2015.

  • 29Y. Leo, C. Crespelle, E. Fleury.

    Non-Altering Time Scales for Aggregation of Dynamic Networks into Series of Graphs, in: 11th International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies – CoNEXT 2015, Heidelberg, Germany, 11th International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies – CoNEXT 2015, 2015.

  • 30N. Nguyen, T. Begin, A. Busson, I. Guérin Lassous.

    Towards a Passive Measurement-based Estimator for the Standard Deviation of the End-to-End Delay, in: IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), Istanbul, Turkey, April 2016.

  • 31L. Reynaud, I. Guérin Lassous, J.-O. Calvar.

    Mobilité Contrôlée pour la poursuite de frelons, in: ALGOTEL 2015 — 17èmes Rencontres Francophones sur les Aspects Algorithmiques des Télécommunications, Beaune, France, June 2015.


Conferences without Proceedings

  • 32C. Adjih, E. Baccelli, E. Fleury, G. Harter, N. Mitton, T. Noel, R. Pissard-Gibollet, F. Saint-Marcel, G. Schreiner, J. Vandaele, T. Watteyne.

    FIT IoT-LAB: A Large Scale Open Experimental IoT Testbed, in: IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WF-IoT), Milan, Italy, December 2015.

  • 33F. Berthaud, Y. Léo, C. Sarraute, A. Busson, E. Fleury.

    Sms transmission using phone users density in big cities, in: Fourth conference on the Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets (NetMob 2015), MIT Media Lab, United States, April 2015.

  • 34P. Borgnat, P. Gonçalves, N. T. Tremblay, N. Willaime-Angonin.

    Community mining with graph filters for correlation matrices, in: Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, Monterey (CA), United States, November 2015.

  • 35J.-P. Chevrot, A. Nardy, E. Fleury, M. Karsai, J.-P. Magué.

    Sociolinguistique et sciences cognitives: l’individu, le collectif et le réseau, in: Journées FLORaL-PFC 2015 : la base de données Phonologie du Français Contemporain dans le champ phonologique, Paris, France, December 2015.

  • 36B. Girault, P. Gonçalves, E. Fleury.

    Signaux stationnaires sur graphe : étude d'un cas réel, in: Gretsi, Lyon, France, September 2015, 4 p.

  • 37Y. Leo, E. Fleury, C. Sarraute, J. I. Alvarez-Hamelin, M. Karsai.

    Socioeconomic correlations in communication networks, in: Fourth conference on the Analysis of Mobile Phone Datasets (NetMob 2015), MIT Media Lab, United States, April 2015.

  • 38Y. Leo, E. Fleury, C. Sarraute, J. I. Alvarez-Hamelin, M. Karsai.

    Socioeconomic correlations in communication networks, in: International Conference on Computational Social Science (ICCSS 2015), Helsinki, Finland, June 2015.

  • 39J.-P. Magué, E. Fleury, M. Karsai, M. Quignard.

    Caractérisation dialectale de variabilité linguistique sur Twitter, in: Language, Cognition and Society (AFLiCo 6), Grenoble, France, May 2015.


Internal Reports

  • 40B. Girault, P. Gonçalves, E. Fleury.

    Translation and Stationarity for Graph Signals, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon ; Inria Rhône-Alpes ; Inria, April 2015, no RR-8719.


Scientific Popularization

  • 41E. Fleury, N. Mitton, T. Noel, C. Adjih.

    FIT IoT-LAB: The Largest IoT Open Experimental Testbed, in: ERCIM News, April 2015, no 101, 14 p.


Other Publications

  • 42A. L. Laura, M. Karsai, L. Gauvin.

    User-based representation of time-resolved multimodal public transportation networks, January 2016, working paper or preprint.

  • 43J.-P. Magué, E. Fleury, M. Karsai, M. Quignard.

    Dialectal characterization of linguistics variability on Twitter, April 2015, 1st International Conference on Twitter for Research, Poster.

  • 44J.-P. Magué, E. Fleury, M. Karsai, M. Quignard.

    Dialectal characterization of linguistics variability on Twitter, June 2015, International Conference on Computational Social Science (ICCSS 2015), Poster.

  • 45J.-P. Magué, E. Fleury, M. Karsai, M. Quignard.

    Social, geographical and linguistic structure of the French speaking Twitter community, June 2015, International Conference on Network Science (NetSci2015), Poster.

  • 46E. Ubaldi, N. Perra, M. Karsai, A. Vezzani, R. Burioni, A. Vespignani.

    Asymptotic theory for the dynamic of networks with heterogenous social capital allocation, September 2015, (31 pages (main text: 11; SI: 20), 15 figures, 3 tables).

  • 47L. Weng, M. Karsai, N. Perra, F. Menczer, A. Flammini.

    Attention on Weak Ties in Social and Communication Networks, September 2015, working paper or preprint.

References in notes
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