Section: New Software and Platforms


CoLoR is Coq library on rewriting theory and termination. It provides many definitions and theorems on various mathematical structures (quasi-ordered sets, relations, ordered semi-rings, etc.), data structures (lists, vectors, matrices, polynomials, finite graphs), term structures (strings, first-order terms, lambda-terms, etc.), transformation techniques (dependency pairs, semantic labeling, etc.) and (non-)termination criteria (polynomial and matrix interpretations, recursive path ordering, computability closure, etc.).

In 2015, CoLoR has been enriched and improved in various ways:

  • Its compilation time has been improved by about 20%.

  • The results on computability have been extended to η-reduction.

  • It has been enriched by a library on finite and infinite sets, and a proof of the infinite Ramsey's theorem [54] .

  • CoLoR is now available on OPAM.