Section: New Software and Platforms


PersoBalance: A Personalized Balance Assessment in Home Rehabilitation

Keywords: Health - Home care - Handicap

PersoBalance: A Personalized Balance Assessment in Home Rehabilitation

Participants : Mitsuhiro Hayashibe, Alejandro Gonzalez [Euromov] , Philippe Fraisse.

The objective of this software is to realize a personalized evaluation of the postural balance to be used in home-based rehabilitation, by using portable sensors such as Kinect and wii board. After the one time of identification, the system provide us the personalized estimation of the center of mass (CoM) for the whole body only with Kinect information, through Statically Equivalent Serial Chain method.

The first function is the adaptive identification interface for the CoM parameters based on Kalman filter which allows a subject to provide different postures interactively with minimized time length. The second function is the balance measure visualization (stable or instable) based on the identified model for each subject considering subject-specific body differences on the segment mass distribution.

Recently, this software was demonstrated at the event of Rencontre Inria-Industrie 13/10/2015 at Bordeaux. https://www.inria.fr/centre/bordeaux/innovation/rii-sante/demonstrations2 It is also filed at Software Catalogue of Inria. https://www.inria.fr/centre/bordeaux/innovation/rii-sante/catalogue-logiciels

PersoBalance is registered with the Agency for the Protection of Programs (APP) and deposited at the BNF (Bibliotheque Nationale de France). Its registration number is Antepedia Deposit 20150710154654.

Figure 3. PersoBalance: A Personalized Balance Assessment in Home Rehabilitation: This scene shows the process how the CoM is being identified through different postures information with portable sensors.