Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

A second session of the Python MOOC by Arnaud Legout and Thierry Parmentelat has been programmed in 2015 and it was also a very big success: 9615 persons registered to the course, out of them 1487 qualified for the final attestation of achievement. This session is innovative in its form as well, since it introduced ipython notebooks as medium for complementing videos; this medium has allowed to add runnable/editable programs fragments inside written material, so that students can readily run and or modify the numerous examples that illustrate the languages' concepts. Arnaud and Thierry are preparing a sequel that will address python3; they also hope to be able to leverage on the notebooks technology, and to widen the spectrum of their day-to-day usages beyond educational purposes, and in particular towards research-oriented activities like runnable papers. For more details on this MOOC see https://www.france-universite-numerique-mooc.fr/courses/inria/41001S02/session02/about


Our paper Automating ns-3 Experimentation in Multi-Host Scenarios, got the Best Paper Award at the ns-3 Workshop (WNS3), May 2015, Barcelona, Spain. The NEPI experiment management framework is capable of automating deployment, execution, and result collection of experiment scenarios that combine ns-3 with multiple hosts in various ways, reducing the burden of manual scenario setup. The awarded paper describes the internals of the NEPI framework and demonstrates its usage for ns-3 multi-host scenarios with three example cases: a) running parallel simulations on a cluster of hosts, b) running distributed simulations spanning multiple hosts, and c) integrating live and simulated networks.

Best Paper Award:
A. Quereilhac, D. Saucez, T. Turletti, W. Dabbous.

Automating ns-3 Experimentation in Multi-Host Scenarios, in: WNS3 2015, Barcelona, Spain, May 2015.