Section: New Software and Platforms

Grid'5000 testbed

Grid'5000 is a scientific instrument designed to support experiment-driven research in all areas of computer science related to parallel, large-scale or distributed computing and networking. It gathers 10 sites, 25 clusters, 1200 nodes, for a total of 8000 cores. It provides its users with a fully reconfigurable environment (bare metal OS deployment with Kadeploy, network isolation with KaVLAN) and a strong focus on enabling high-quality, reproducible experiments.

  • Participants: Luc Sarzyniec, Jérémie Gaidamour, Arthur Garnier, Clement Parisot, Emmanuel Jeanvoine, Lucas Nussbaum and Émile Morel

  • Contact: Lucas Nussbaum

  • URL: https://www.grid5000.fr/