Section: New Software and Platforms


Scientific Description

Elasticus simulates acoustic and elastic wave propagation in 2D and in 3D, formulated as a first order system, using Discontinuous Galerkin Methods. The space discretization is based on two kind of basis functions, using Lagrange or Jacobi polynomials. Different kinds of fluxes (upwind and centered) are implemented, coupled with RK2 and RK4 time schemes.

Functional Description

Elasticus is a sequential library, independent of DIVA and developed in Fortran, to simulate wave propagation in geophysical environment, based on a DG method. It is meant to help PhD students and post-doctoral fellows to easily implement their algorithms in the library. Thus, readability of the code is privileged over optimization of its performances. Developed features should be easily transferred in the computing platform of Total. Contrary to DIVA which only computes approximate solutions with P1, P2 and P3 elements, Elasticus manages arbitrary orders for the spatial discretization with DG method.


The various kinds of fluxes and the RK4 time schemes were implemented by Simon Ettouati. The elasto-acoustic coupling was implemented by Elvira Shishenina in the framework of her Master internship, in collaboration with Simon Ettouati and Lionel Boillot. The TTI elastic kernel as well as the Absorbing Boundary Conditions were developed by Lionel Boillot.

  • Participants: Simon Ettouati, Julien Diaz, Lionel Boillot and Elvira Shishenina.

  • Partner: TOTAL

  • Contact: Julien Diaz