Section: New Software and Platforms


Scientific Description

TMBM-DG simulates acoustic and elastic wave propagation in 2D and in 3D, formulated as a first order system, using Discontinuous Galerkin Methods. The space discretization is based on two kinds of basis functions, using Lagrange or Jacobi polynomials coupled with RK2 and RK4 time schemes.

Functional Description

TMBM-DG is the follow up to DIVA-DG that we develop in collaboration with our partner Total. Its purpose is more general than DIVA-DG and should contains various DG schemes, basis functions and time schemes. It models wave propagation in acoustic media, elastic (isotropic and TTI) media and elasto-acoustic media, in two and three dimensions.


The first version of the code was recently developed jointly with our industrial partner Total. The main developer in Magique-3D is Lionel Boillot.

  • Participants: Lionel Boillot, Julien Diaz and Simon Ettouati

  • Partner: TOTAL

  • Contact: Julien Diaz