Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Depth Imaging Partnership

Magique-3D maintains active collaborations with Total. In the context of Depth Imaging, Magique-3D coordinates research activities dealing with the development of high-performance numerical methods for solving wave equations in complex media. This project involves 2 other Inria Team-Projects (Hiepacs and Nachos) which have complementary skills in mathematics, computing and in geophysics. DIP is fully funded by Total by the way of an outline agreement wit Inria .

Since its beginning (2009), eight PhD students have been funded and Magique 3D has hired six of them, one being shared with the project team Nachos (http://www-sop.inria.fr/nachos/ ). Moreover, several internships have been realized. In 2014 the second phase of DIP has begun. Lionel Boillot has been hired as engineer to work on the DIP platform.

Micro-local analysis of wave equations

The numerical solution of wave equations most often requires to truncate the propagation domain to define a computational domain limited by an artificial boundary. Magique-3D is very involved in the construction and mathematical validation of boundary conditions which are set on the artificial boundary. Different techniques can be used for the design of such conditions and Magique-3D maintains a collaboration with Prof. Olivier Lafitte from the University of Paris 13 on the mathematical analysis of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann (DtN) operator for acoustic waves. This issue is addressed by applying micro-local analysis which enables us to consider the full DtN operator in the whole space of frequencies.

Partnership with the department DMAE of ONERA

  • title: Modeling of multiperforated plates

  • Coordinator: Sébastien Tordeux

  • Other partners: Department DMAE of ONERA

  • Abstract: In the aeronautic industry, there is a need of numerical models for the design of turboreactors of new generation. Magique-3D is cooperating with the department DMAE of ONERA to develop acoustic models of multiperforated plates which is an important component of the turboreactors.

    This project is interdisciplinary, since it involves the experimental expertise of Estelle Piot (acoustician engineer of ONERA working on acoustic bench), the competences in mathematical modeling of Magique 3D. In parallel to the obtention of new theoretical results we are jointly developing a new numerical library based on the discontinuous Galerkin approximation which aims in interpreting experimental data.

    This cooperation is formalized thanks to the common supervision of the PhD of Vincent Popie funded by ONERA and DGA and is a follow-up of the ANR APAM (2008-2011).