Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

KeyCoopt (2015)

Participants: Rémi Gilleron [correspondent], François Noyez, Fabien Torre.

We have a bilateral contract with the KeyCoopt company. The goal of the company is to suggest candidates for job offers. For this, the company has a large pool of referrers, also named coopters. The process is: given a job offer, some coopters are selected, each coopter may suggest a candidate, the proposed candidates are selected by KeyCoopt and some candidates are proposed in answer to the job offer. We propose a machine learning based method for selecting coopters given a job offer. The method is a ranking algorithm using support vector machines (SVMRank). It has been developed and tested and can be integrated in the information system of KeyCoopt . Possible improvements are to use natural language processing methods in order to use texts as texts for job offers, and to use the network of coopters.