Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Grants with Industry

Cifre Clic and Walk (2013-2016)

Participants: Mikaela Keller [correspondent], Pauline Wauquier, Marc Tommasi.

We have a one to one cooperation with the Clic and Walk company that makes marketing surveys by consumers (called clicwalkers). The goal of the company is to understand the community of clicwalkers (40 thousands in one year) and its evolution with two objectives: the first one is to optimize the attribution of surveys to clicwalkers, and the second is to expand company's market to foreign countries. Social data can be obtained from social networks (G+, Facebook, ...) but there is no explicit network to describe the clicwalkers community. But users activity in answering surveys as well as server logs can provide traces of information diffusion, geolocation data, temporal data, sponsorship, etc. We will study the problem of adaptive graph construction from the clicwalkers network. Node (users) classification and clustering algorithms will be applied. For the problem of survey recommendations, the problem of teams constitution in a bipartite graphs of users and surveys will be studied. Random graph modeling and generative models of random graphs will be one step towards the prediction of the evolution of clicwalkers community.

Cifre SAP (2011-2014)

Participants: Rémi Gilleron [correspondent], Marc Tommasi, Thomas Ricatte.

The PhD defense of Thomas Ricatte was held in Lille on January 23th 2015.