Section: Dissemination


IHU Scientific Days

At the occasion of the 4 IHU Scientific days in 2015, the MIMESIS took part and organized several meetings, presentation and discussions around simulation in medicine.

Journée Francaise de Radiologie, JFR

The MIMESIS team was part of the JFR 2015 event in Paris on the 16 and 17th October 2015. Hugo Talbot presented the work and the projects achieved by the team.

Figure 17. Our booth in the RII Health 2015 in Bordeaux

Rencontre Inria Industrie, RII

Hugo Talbot presented the SOFA framework and our current work during the "Rencontre Inria Industrie" 2015 which took place in Bordeaux. We had many nice discussions and feedback about SOFA.

Journée Alsacienne d'Ophtalmologie, JAO

In collaboration with the ophthalmologist Pr. Gauchet, several members of the team (Rémi Bessard, Bruno Marques and Stéphane Cotin) participated at the JAO (Journée Alsacienne d’Ophtalmologie) on the 28th and 29th of November 2015. They presented our prototype simulator for retinal surgery.

Figure 18. Rémi Bessard presenting our simulation at JAO 2015

Talk at Université Paris Descartes

On the 4th of December, Stéphane Cotin was invited as a speaker to the BME seminar at University Paris Descartes. His talk was entiteled "patient safety through real-time numerical simulation".


Stéphane Cotin and Hadrien Courtecuisse were invited at the MedinISRAEL 2015 conference which took place in Tel Aviv. This event was the opportunity for the team to present our work to the community. Moreover, the university from Tel-Aviv strongly supports new collaborations with French laboratory.

Figure 19. Presentation of Stéphane Cotin at MEDinISRAEL 2015

Science & You

In Nancy, Science & You opened its doors on the 2nd of June. The MIMESIS team participated on June 5th and 6th to present some of our simulations. This was a great success and a large audience came to our booth.

Pitch at B.E.S.T. Symposium

B.E.S.T. (Business Engineering and Surgical Technologies) is an original education program proposed by the IHU Strasbourg dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in medicine, engineering and management. In the context of the B.E.S.T. Symposium, Hugo Talbot presented a concept of start-up about medical training based on simulation which any student could afford. Rosalie Plantefeve also attended the B.E.S.T. Symposium.