Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National collaborations

At the national level, the MIMESIS team collaborates with:

  • ICube AVR team: we are currently working with the medical robotics team on percutaneous procedures, in particular robotized needle insertion (with Prof. Bernard Bayle), and needle tracking in medical images (with Elodie Breton). We are also collaborating with Jonathan Vappou on elastography.

  • ICube IGG team: we have two active collaborations, one with Dr. Caroline Essert on trajectory planning (in the context of Deep Brain Stimulation) and the group involved in research on dynamic topologies. These collaborations are supported by two IHU projects: BILIKIMO and HAYSTACK.

  • IHU Strasbourg: as mentionned in  9.1.8 , our team is one of the principal partners of the IHU Strasbourg. We developed a number of projects in close collaboration with clinicians and members of IHU.

  • LML Lille: is a French research laboratory (UMR CNRS 8107) part of the Carnot institute ARTS. With more than two hundreds researchers, LML focuses on the following research area : mechanical reliability and Tribology, fluid mechanics, civil engineering and soil mechanics. In 2105, Mathias Brieu from LML visited our team.

  • Nouvel Hopital Civil, Strasbourg: since 2014 we have been working with Prof. David Gaucher, an ophthalmologist surgeon, expert in retina surgery. This led to the submission of the ANR project RESET with started in March 2015. We also collaborate with Prof. Patrick Pessaux, a surgeon who helps us in the context of the SOFA-OR project.

  • R&D team at IRCAD: the computer science group at IRCAD has been involved in segmentation, 3D reconstruction and augmented reality for abdominal surgery since the 2000. An important activity on simulation also took place and led to the creation of a start-up company, Digital Trainers. Currently, the main activities are centered around augmented reality, registration, and medical imaging.

  • TIMC, Grenoble: this large research group has a strong background in computer-aided surgery, medical imaging, registration, statistical and bio-mechanical modeling. We have regular interactions with this various members of this group. We are collaborating with Yohan Payan (DR CNRS) on the modeling and simulation of the brain shift. A common PhD thesis started on that topic in late 2014. Other areas of interest are in the field of advanced soft tissue modeling and computer aided surgery,