Section: New Software and Platforms


Kinect IMprovement for Egronomics Assessment

Keywords: Biomechanics - Motion analysis - Kinect

Scientific Description

Kimea consists in correcting skeleton data delivered by a Microsoft Kinect in an ergonomics purpose. Kimea is able to manage most of the occlultations that can occur in real working situation, on workstations. To this end, Kimea relies on a database of examples/poses organized as a graph, in order to replace unreliable body segments reconstruction by poses that have already been measured on real subject. The potential pose candidates are used in an optimization framework.

Functional Description

Kimea gets Kinect data as input data (skeleton data) and correct most of measurement errors to carry-out ergonomic assessment at workstation.

  • Participants: Franck Multon, Pierre Plantard and Hubert Shum

  • Partner: Faurecia

  • Contact: Franck Multon